Approx. Length: 32", Width 9"| Bat: 4"L x 9"W | Stained Glass: 4.5"L x 5"W

New Custom Metal Design- Laser cut bat with two golden 20mm gems that are placed in the metal for full light effect.  Stained glass: three triangle cuts of soldered glass - sunset swirl of red, orange and mist, sunset orange and blood red ~ metal swirls with beads design back and front | a large 40mm shiny faceted crystal completes the piece | a wired cylinder with swirls of blue crystals holds a four leaf clover charm. A whimsical gift. A unique garden, patio or tree treasure or color spot in any room in the home ~ office, studio, kitchen, bath... All you need is a hook or a branch and direct or indirect light and you are ready to hang some color!


Our Pieces – Quality | Built to Last ~ Outdoor Ready, Indoor color | One of a Kind

Dangles, Metal Designs: we work with local metal Artisans, Dripping Springs area, to create custom metal designs or we search for other expressive metal or iron dangles.

Our stained glass: is local sourced from Austin, San Antonio and Houston areas. Each glass piece is heat soldered or wire wrapped. Glass types range from - Cathedral, Antique, Iridescent, Confetti, to Streaky, Textured and Beveled.

Other Components: ALL our beads and gems are glass, crystal, or natural stone & range from 10mm to XL - 50mm. This includes etched, scored & corrugated silver metal/ spacer beads. We use all galvanized wire (9 - 22 gauge) throughout the whole piece – from our hooks to wrapping gems, globes, glass. A final garnish ~ our copper crescent moon insignia.

Outdoor ready: gardens, trees, patios, balconies, indoor - by a window, kitchen, bath

always one of a kind, handmade in Austin TX

Bat, wing span

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