Susie Blagdan ~ Artisan

I have been cutting glass since 1998. Starting with Mosaic work and moving on to stained glass Suncatchers about 2012. 


I am the youngest of four. When I was little and quite hyper, in a brief moment of frustration, my father blurted out "why don't you go out and play with some broken glass!" Who knew it would stick.


What started as a fascination and mutual interest with some close friends, blossomed into a small business. I am an Austin local artist, creating out of my home studio. Glass, crystal and natural stones are beautiful and fascinating to me. The colors and textures are uplifting, surreal, calming. To most of our pieces we add charms and amulets for a personal touch. 


We source local as much as possible – from our stained glass (from Austin, San Antonio & Houston areas) to our new custom designed metal pieces (Authenticaa, Dripping Springs). We make our pieces to last so we use galvanized metals and ready other metals for outdoor areas. We want you to enjoy in gardens, in trees, patios, by pools, inside in studios, home offices, bathrooms and more. All you need is a hook or a branch and direct or indirect light and you are ready to hang some color!

For the first time, we are going online with our pieces and I am so grateful to share our designs with you!

A side note: I owe my father in law a big thank you for showing me some tips regarding stained glass. He was the master and gave me my 1st tools of the trade. Thank you Dido! And ~ I am thrilled to include and encourage my good friend Denise Austin to express herself through her art as well ... and on occasion...our other good friend Adri will burst into our shows with her glass work as well!