Handcrafted Suncatchers & Sundrops

Made to Hang in Yards, Patios, Trees, Kitchen Windows, Studios...

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Austin Local - Artisan Co-Op

Open Saturdays, 9am - 5pm, 12919 Nutty Brown Rd., Austin, TX 78737

Suncatchers & Sundrops available for purchase | Facebook. Website.

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SUNCATCHER pieces are one of a kind yard art for your garden, trees, patios and windows. Each Suncatcher ranges from 25 - 40 inches. Made from hand-cut stained glass, custom cut metal, sea glass, symbolic amulets and more. 
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La Luna Glass Suncatchers & Sundrops  are a perfect / colorful gift. A unique garden, patio or tree treasure or color spot in any room in the home ~ office, studio, kitchen, bath... All you need is a hook or a branch and direct or indirect light and you are ready to hang some color! Always one of a kind, handmade in Austin, Texas.
Good glass never fades ~ let in the color

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